Cryovac® Impact™ Film

Impact Strength When you need it most

Our most advanced multi-layer cross-linked high performance shrink film offering unmatched toughness and versatility for a wide variety of shrink packaging applications. Advanced resin and process technology provides the highest strength-to-thickness ratio currently available in a polyolefin shrink film.
  • Unmatched impact, tensile and trim seal strength
  • Exceptional clarity for superior package appearance
  • Aggressive shrink force ideal for multi-packing applications
  • High free shrink eliminates wrinkles and corner "dog ears"
  • High package yield per roll improves packaging line efficiency
    • Reduced roll changeover downtime
    • Reduced roll handling requirements
    • Reduced waste
  • Easy to use on a wide variety of packaging systems
  • Wide range of performance grades available to meet application needs

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