Cryovac® MPD Shrink Film

High Speed Film

Designed for applications requiring maximum retail presentation, MPD-2055 is a multi-layer, non cross-linked structure engineered specifically for high-speed packaging applications.
  • Clarity and gloss enhance merchandising and presentation appeal
  • Excellent machinability on all systems from manual through automatic equipment
  • Stiffness allows for clean tracking on high-speed systems
  • Quick sealing capability to accommodate packaging speeds up to 200+ PPM
  • Ideal for bulk packing requiring direct contact with bundling films
The sister film of MPD-2055, MPD-2100 is also a multi-layer, non cross-linked structure designed for high-speed equipment. MPD-2100 addresses additional application needs required by the market.
  • Excellent contact clarity.
  • Enhanced hot pack-off slip for easy shipper loading
  • Strongest, most reliable electrostatic lap seal available
  • Ideal for freezer applications

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