Maximum Performance With Minimal Carbon Footprint

Intelligent package design helps reduce the volume of our waste stream. In 2007, the efforts of our 35 global Packaging Design and Development Centers eliminated two million pounds of packaging, while maximizing cost effectiveness and product protection. Less material per pack means smaller packages, reducing the number of truckloads required to ship and the associated transportation impact.
Our history of innovative source reduction within our films and manufacturing facilities has allowed us to provide more efficient solutions for our customers with the lowest possible environmental impact.
Our active waste reduction programs have reduced waste and plastic scrap by 50% in the past six years. Additionally, Sealed Air's dedicated Shrink Packaging Manufacturing Plants are Zero to Landfill facilities.
Through testing and innovation we have identified uses for materials that cannot be recycled or reused within our processes.
An example is our South Carolina Plant, which incorporates a waste to energy strategy by burning scrap in an industrial boiler, thus creating steam for manufacturing product.
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