Cryovac® IMPACT™ / D-955 Shrink Films

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Cryovac® IMPACT™ / D-955 are the most versatile and reliable shrink films on the market with the largest spectrum of applications. In addition to being the ideal films for unusually shaped objects and heavy products with sharp edges, Cryovac® IMPACT™ / D-955 films are unmatched for multi-packing applications.
  • High performance impact, tensile and trim seal strength
  • Retail ready clarity and gloss
  • Seals well on thermal, trim and electrostatic systems
  • Wide range of thickness available (11 to 38 microns) to accommodate various application requirements
  • Can be printed, eliminating the need for secondary packaging

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Cryovac® IMPACT

Cryovac® D-955 32,38µ

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