Cryovac® SMD / SMR Shrink Films

Microperforated films

Mutilayer, microperforated polyolefin films that combine outstanding optical properties with superior shrink packaging performance. These non corrosive polypropylene-based films machine well and have excellent sealing qualities producing highly reliable seals. They are especially suitable for use on both horizontal form-fill-seal equipment and L-sealers.
  • The controlled permeability of these films is designed for maintaining freshness of morning goods, fruits and vegetables or evacuating solvents or treatments left on product after being manufactured
  • Unique supermicro perforation for excellent presentation appeal
  • Different perforation patterns allow to chose the ideal vapor transmission rate
  • Improved printing quality compared to standard perforated films

Cryovac® SMR Shrink Films

For extremely demanding applications, the Cryovac® SMR, a cross-linked multilayer super microperforated version is recommended for:
  • Enhanced machinability for automatic L-Sealers which are often aggressive on the trim tail
  • Unsurpassed strength for heavy products or bundles

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