Cryovac® Shrink Sleeve Labels

GT1: Great “All Around” Performance

Cryovac® GT1 is a multi-layer, full-body shrink sleeve film that delivers unprecedented package appearance for primary or multi-pack labels. The unique combination of materials provides vibrant, distortion-free graphics and shelf appeal for even the most demanding of applications.
  • 25% Greater Yield Than Most Mono-layer Sleeves
  • Source Reduction (1.08 g/cm3)
  • Vertical Expansion Provides Unmatched Esthetics, i.e., “Smiles” and “Frowns” Eliminated, Exceptional Printability
  • Softer Film Minimizes Cracking and Crinkling - Ideal for Squeeze Applications

LT1: Low Density, High Shrink Label

Cryovac® LT1 is a multi-layer, full-body shrink sleeve film designed to separate and float from source PET bottles once they reach the recycling process. The unique combination of materials provides high shrink in steam or hot air tunnels and uncompromising optics.
  • Low density (0.95 g/cm3) shrink sleeve label allows separation from PET bottles during recycling and provides up to 30% source reduction vs. other mono-layer shrink sleeve labels
  • Provides low temperature (90°C) high shrink (70% TD / -3% MD) allowing it to be used on highly contoured containers using traditional shrink sleeve converting and application equipment
  • Superior optics properties (High Gloss & Clarity / Low Haze) maximize retail shelf presentation

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