Cryovac® CT-312E Shrink Film

High performance 9 micron film with anti-fog properties

Cryovac® CT-312E is a high performance polyolefin shrink film based on the patent-pending Sealed Air micro-layering technology platform. Its excellent optics and shrink improve cleanliness, hygiene and safety.
  • A 9 micron with 15 micron properties
  • Fast seals and longer rolls result in increased productivity
  • Strong seals retain moisture and freshness
  • Tearing and puncture resistance for product protection
  • Suitable for a wide range of equipment

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Cryovac® CT-312E


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Commitment to Sustainable Packaging
CT films are the ultimate in source reduction and reduced carbon footprint due to their ultra thin structure. These films reduce the number of cores, cartons, pallets, warehouse space and shipping costs, while providing the same area of film.
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